I just came back from 3 weeks in Thailand. One of our adventures was going to an elephant sanctuary. We fed the family, bathed them and gave them lots of loving. Elephants are just incredible balancing grace, power and kindness all together 


Scribbies Holiday Party

BEST took the holiday party to Old Scribner's Lodge to celebrate 2017 - I surely hope next year hold a brighter future for our planet but in the meantime, we have each other. 


Post 9: Maine

I went up to one of my favorite places on earth for Memorial weekend, Maine. I stayed at my friend Amelia's and we took an adventure up to the mid-coast. Between bbq's and apple tree planting we made a rhubarb financier with a strawberry-rhubard compote: deliscious, gluten free, and "artizanal". It took me forever to translate the recipe I found from grams to cups, from 'not making sense' to swinging it. So here it is!

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Post 3: Lacy

I came across Lacy phillips’s blog a couple of months ago and was right away curious. I have always been a pretty good manifester myself but I was intrigued about her process and how to accelerate the things I want to come true in my life.

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Post 1: Lulu

I have just spent an incredible week in sunny LA and about to head back. I lived here in for several years and I find my heart wanting to be here more and more.

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